Avison Consulting Limited delivers strategy and implementation in several key domains – oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and general manufacturing. Our projects focus simultaneously on strategy, people, processes, implementation and results viewing these items as all connected and reinforcing. These are few samples of recent projects:

  • Developed the business-wide 5yr, 18 month, 3 month, 1 month and 2 week strategic and operations plan for the Dutch and UK North Sea affiliates of super-major petroleum company. Continuous monitoring of the implementation process was also established with continuous monitoring.
  • Developed the business-wide 5yr, 18 month, 3 month, 1 month and 2 week strategic and operations planning multiple divisions of major petroleum company. Solution was developed and implemented simultaneously with local unit. Eventually, the solution grew from local pilot to a global implementation.
  • Managed organisational transformation of failing division which did not meet many of its key performance measures. A reorganisation was required which put in place a new organisation while also designing from scratch many of its new operational processes. The project was somewhat like building the plane while flying it. Improvements in key performance measures moved from 25% to 95% over three years.
  • Led and managed 11 month engagement which analyzed, redesigned and implemented an innovative new product delivery system for the Consumer Health division of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Solution designed by the work force and implemented by the work force. Key coaching was required throughout. Benefits of work were: 80% improvement in customer service levels, reduction of overdue backlog by 100%, implementation of strategic business measures, financial benefits of work were CHF 22 million (US$ 15.7 million) cost reduction and sales improvements, and 60% improvement in production up-time